The Deltonians

Wonderfully eclectic covers

because the original is not always the best

The sound system

The Deltonians use the highest quality PA equipment to deliver the clearest sound in any venue.

We use an Allen and Heath QU-24 mixing desk. This desk is an industry standard professional mixer that gives top quality sound.

Most band members use In-Ear Monitors (IEM) and can control their own foldback mixes using an iPad or phone.

That means that band members can hear themselves and each other very clearly, and that helps us play better.

Our sound engineer uses an iPad to control the Front of House sound. This way he can mix the sound from wherever he likes and make sure he hears it exactly as the audience hears it.

We play all that through a pair or RCF Evox 12 speakers. These are astonishing in their clarity and bass response. They can produce a very loud sound indeed, but we prefer to run them a little quieter. We want people to appreciate our music without damaging their hearing.