The Band

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The Deltonians are a 6-piece covers band based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We’ve been going since 2016.

We try to give our covers a bit of a twist – sometimes changing the feel completely and sometimes just shaking up the parts. One of our favourite tricks is moving a guitar solo to the electric violin.

If you want a band to play quietly in the corner while people mingle and chat, don’t book The Deltonians. We’re a bit more in-your-face than that. Book the Deltonians if you want lots of energy and a unique take on some great songs.

Al The Drummer

Al the drummer is one of the founding members of the band. That’s not his real hair – it’s a wig. Al has been a table-tapper all his life and has tried to turn what can be quite an annoying habit into pure rhythmic joy!

Jason describes his musical experience as eccentric. This is possibly because he can’t spell eclectic or because he once performed with his then band, half way up a hill in the lake district to an audience of sheep and a few very confused walkers. He has sung many different styles of music, from rock to Handel’s messiah in a hundred plus choir, but still enjoys trying out new and different styles of singing. Returning from a break from performing, Jason says he took the time to mature and become a more sensible person, something the rest of the Deltonians vehemently reject. He hasn’t found his super power yet but hopes it might have something to do with beer!

Talitha likes singing an eclectic mix of genres, and has appeared in a variety of groups over the years including The Indigo Kings, Appleby Kinsey, Glevum Big Band, and Jubilate Chamber Choir.  These touched upon jazz, blues, pop, folk, and classical.  Her superpower is harmonising.

David plays bass. His superpower is being able to play by ear – a virtue born of necessity because of his terrible eyesight. It does help that a bass only has 4 strings, but to make things a bit harder, he bought one with no frets.

Meredith plays the electric violin and you won’t believe the sounds she can get out of that thing! It gives the Deltonians our unique sound. Whether it’s Slash’s guitar solo from Sweet Child O Mine or the thundering Church Organ sound we use in Pictures Of Matchstick Men, it has to be heard to be believed.

Tony plays guitar…but who is Weird and who is Gilly in the band?  His superpower is turning wood into things, including a couple of guitars made during lockdown. One features a top made from bits of an old kitchen that Meredith was ripping out of her house at the time.

Deltonians logo

Where did the name come from?

Delta is the mathematical symbol for change so our name reminds us that we are supposed to change and interpret our songs, not just trot out faithful covers.

The Greek letter Delta is a triangle, and that reminds us that Al refuses to play the triangle. He is a percussion snob and vastly underestimates that fine instrument.

Deltonians sounds a bit like Cheltonians, which sort of works as well since we all come from the Cheltenham area.

Deltonians also sounds like Etonians, which is unfortunate. Life is full of compromises.