The band

The Deltonians are a 6-piece covers band based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We’ve been going since 2016.

We try to give our covers a bit of a twist – sometimes changing the feel completely and sometimes just shaking up the parts. One of our favourite tricks is moving a guitar solo to the electric violin.

If you want a band to play quietly in the corner while people mingle and chat, don’t book The Deltonians. We’re a bit more in-your-face than that. Book the Deltonians if you want lots of energy and a unique take on some great songs.

The name

Delta is the mathematical symbol for change so our name reminds us that we are supposed to change and interpret our songs, not just trot out faithful covers.

The Greek letter Delta is a triangle, and that reminds us that Al refuses to play the triangle. He is a percussion snob and vastly underestimates that fine instrument.

Deltonians sounds a bit like Cheltonians, which sort of works as well since we all come from the Cheltenham area.

Deltonians also sounds like Etonians, which is unfortunate. Life is full of compromises.